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What Is Ketosis?

The goal of the keto diet plan and this entire method of weight loss is dependent on the fact that the dieter is able to control their eating and get their body into a state of ketosis. But what exactly is ketosis? Well, read on below to get a more in-depth description of what ketosis is and why it turns your body into a fat burning machine!

How Our Body Normally Works

In today’s society, our diets are composed of an excess of carbohydrates. When we ingest carbs, our body uses them as the primary source of immediate energy or stores them in the liver and muscles as glycogen. These glycogen stores are saved by your body for extended periods of fasting when you haven’t eaten anything. So, usually, when people think they are burning fat by crash dieting, they are in fact burning through reserve glycogen stores that your body has saved for exactly this purpose!

What is Ketosis?


Now comes the exciting part! As soon as liver glycogen stores are depleted the body will begin to burn fat through lipolysis and beta-oxidation to produce acetyl-CoA. The molecule acetyl-CoA is then used in the liver to produce ketone bodies.

These ketone bodies are then used as the primary source of energy for your body. In fact, one of the primary signals of entering ketosis is the smell of acetone in your urine. This is due to the fact that the ketone body acetone can’t be processed and is instead excreted through urine. You can read more on how to tell if you are in ketosis by reading the article “Will the signs of ketosis be obvious?”

So, to summarize, once you are in ketosis your body will burn fat to produce ketone bodies for energy. And the longer you force your body to produce ketone bodies, the longer you will be in a fat burning metabolic state. Once you have reached your target weight, you can return to a moderate carbohydrate diet in order to maintain your ideal weight.

Hopefully that has shed some light on what is ketosis. Getting into ketosis requires strict dieting and careful carb counting. But, once you have reached this state, your body will become efficient at using fatty acids instead of glucose as energy. And in the end, you will see consistent and steady weight loss like no other diet plan you have ever tried!

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